MN Enterprises is working on behalf of H.K. International, Since 2009 having set the standard of world class recruitment Services with client from Gulf & Middle East.

MN Enterprises is one of the leading manpower recruitment agency in India. we can provide to any company satisfied services.

We are Specialized in Placing Human Resources to wide variety of industries across the Globe .

We develop one on one relationship with our clients & Candidates with a view to help them make right decision & Career choice.

Supported by the brilliant guidance, we have won the respect of our associates and supporters. The managing director with his original leadership and vision has directed MN Enterprises to where it’s today. His multi-faceted nature has been a key factor in increasing the limits.

With our experts, and professionals at your disposal,we will feel multi tasking HR issues with self-confidence


MN Enterprises is a private business that offers complete immigration solutions i.e. our additional services includes Visit Visa, Visa, Immigration, Air Ticketing, Certificate attestation. If you would like to make and submit your immigration application by yourself you can do so by visiting the related official website. For more details kindly visit our authorization section.

Our creation aims to serve customers care in mind their requirements and suitability. Our time-saving services provide our clients with timely and long-term solutions. Our Top specialists support the customers taking the ownership of their case and providing them with best substitutes available.

MN Enterprises will support you in finding your visa and the visa forms can be downloaded from our official website free of cost. All the enquires in visa form is as per rules of Government of Indian.

MN Enterprises involves expert service fees high-class of any third party or government fees and is subject to tax where valid. Information & Forms that are complete during the process can be collected free of charge at any department of home affairs but applying with us entitles you for a wide range of professional services confirming a hassle-free

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Focus on Your Mission
While We Focus on Our HR


As a human resource recruitment and talent management firm, we value the customer needs, both in the long term and short term viewpoint. With this data base, we work carefully with then to locate the pool of talent while managing the skill sets to fit correctly into the express goals and objects. This is done over hard and hard-working expert focus and careful analysis by our team.

Our objective is always to offer modified customer solutions for your talent management needs


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