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Patient Care Tourism which has been established for Health solution in India, now initiated a medical tourism vertical on the international demand of its customers. Patient Care which tried to earned his name and fame in all countries for its patient health.

We do best treatment in lowest cost and want to grow the family to increase his happiness free online consultation hence you can expect from us best rates for the treatment and doctor. We believe is passing the health benefits to our patients and in turn expect them to use our platform to be in touch with the treating doctor and hospitals. You can expect the best of the rates not only for the treatment but also can enjoy corporate negotiated rates for Hotels, Taxis and other services.

Clinical Help

Clinical Help

  • Multiple treatment options
  • Doctor recommendations
  • Priority appointments
  • Pre and Post-operative consultations
  • Coordination with hospital and Lab test
  • Language interpreter
  • Personal attendant
  • Any other assistance

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Travel Assistance

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Trust & Assurance

Trust & Assurance

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Our Specialties

Cancer Care

Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer can be defined and referred to as the uncontrolled growth of human cells and invasion to the other tissues. Cells become cancerous in nature owing to the amassing of defects, or mutations, in their DNA The most common factors that can cause damage to DNA and may lead to cancer are :

  • Inherited genetic defects
  • Infections
  • Environmental factors (air pollution), and
  • Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and heavy alcohol use

Usually, cells are able to perceive and repair DNA damage. But in case, if a cell is severely damaged and cannot repair by itself, it will undergo an asserted programmed cell death known as apoptosis. Cancer occurs when damaged cells grow, divide, and spread abnormally instead of self-destructing as they should normally.

Breast Cancer Treatment in India

Breast cancer is the “most leading” and “life threatening” type of cancer that instigates in the breast tissue. It is affecting large number of women worldwide and is considered as the second leading cause of death in women in their 30s and 50s. In its early stage, breast cancer is very difficult to diagnose since it does not demonstrates any symptoms. The pain and discomfort in breast is also absent in the initial stage.

However, if you find any of the following changes in the breast, it may indicate the risk of presence of breast cancer.

  • Change in size and shape of the breast
  • Lump in the breast or axilla
  • Changes in the skin over the breast
  • Skin dimpling
  • Nipple abnormalities like nipple inversion
  • Blood stained single duct discharge

Just like other cancers, breast cancer can also spread and invade in the other breast. It may also spread and grow in other body parts though metastasis.

Blood Cancer Treatment in India

Blood cancer commonly known as hematological cancer is the cancer of the blood cells and the organs that produces blood.

Blood cancers can be classified into following 3 types:

  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Multiple Myeloma

The above mentioned cancer types develop either in the bone marrow or the lymphatic tissue in the body which affects the production of blood cells and the immune response from the disease.

  • Leukemia is the most common type of blood cancer. It is cancer of white blood cell that starts in bone marrow, which is the production house of the blood cells including
    • WBCs that protect us from infections.
    • RBCs that carry and provide oxygen to all the parts of our body.
    • Platelets that help to clot the blood during injury.

In leukemia, the bone marrow produces copious abnormal white blood cells which tend to grow faster and invade other normal blood cells resulting in problems like bleeding, anemia and infections. It may invade the lymph nodes and surrounding organs producing symptoms.

  • Leukemia can be acute or chronic and have 4 main types.
    • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
    • Acute Myelogenous leukemia(AML)
    • Chronic Myelogenous leukemia(CML)
    • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia(CLL)

Colon Cancer Treatment in India

Colon is an one of the important part of digestive tract that connects the small intestine to rectum. It primarily works together with rectum and purposed for storage and management of waste products of the body. Cancer of Colon or rectum is known as Colon Cancer which starts when mutation of the lining of walls of colon and rectum takes place. This usually begins in the form of polyps (abnormal growth of tissue that become precancerous at first and gradually becomes cancerous) in the intestine.

Signs and Symptoms of Colon Cancer

However, at the later stage, following signs and symptoms are more obvious which wants the immediate medical attention

  • Change in the bowel habits like diarrhea, constipation
  • Change in stool consistency
  • Rectal bleeding or blood in the stool,
  • Gases
  • Abdominal pain
  • Discomfort
  • Liver Cancer Treatment in India
  • Liver is the crucial organs in the human body located in the right upper part of the abdomen. It performs wide range of functions comprising of regulating the storage of glycogen, RBC decomposition, and detoxification production of hormones and bile that helps in digestion.
  • Liver Cancer can be categorized in two types.
  • Primary Liver Cancer: Liver cancer that begins in the liver cells is called as Primary liver cancer. This further has two types.
  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma– is the most common type of liver cancer and starts from the main cells of the liver. People affected with cirrhosis are most prone to have HCC.
  • Cholangiocarcinoma- cancer that starts in the cells lining the bile duct and Angiosarcoma, which is a rare liver cancer starting in the blood vessels.
  • Secondary Liver Cancer: The cancer that has starts in other parts of the body but has spread to liver also called as Secondary Liver Cancer also known as metastasis.
  • Gynecology

    Treatment for Gynecological Condition

    Gynecology is the branch of medical science that focuses on different ailments of female reproductive system including Uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries and vagina. It also deals with the problem related to bowel, bladder and urinary system since these organs are closely related to female reproductive organs. Right from Puberty to Menopause, a female’s reproductive system is continuously changing through the customary processes of pregnancy, aging, sexual activity, diseases and injury.

    Gynecology Treatment covers the broad spectrum of ailments to maintain health, preventing illness and treating underlying disease. However, getting versed with the gynecology treatment it is important to understand the process of reproduction and fertilization.


    Cardiac Treatment

    The term “heart disease” is often known with the term “Cardiovascular disease.” Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain (angina) or stroke. Other heart conditions, such as those that affect your heart’s muscle, valves or rhythm, also are considered forms of heart disease

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) involves the heart or blood vessels. Cardiovascular disease includes coronary artery diseases (CAD) such as angina and myocardial infarction (commonly known as a heart attack).Other CVDs include stroke, heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart arrhythmia, congenital heart disease(heart defects you’re born with), valvar heart disease, cordites, aortic aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, thromboembolic disease, and venous thrombosis.


    Cosmetic Surgery

    Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. When you are most comfortable and at your ease, that is when you have the fanaticism to take over the world. If you want to enhance your beauty and unwrap the NEW & CONFIDENT you, opt for cosmetic surgery in India. We understand that the decision to get the cosmetic surgery done takes a lot of fore-thinking, dialogue, careful understanding and patience. However, getting your cosmetic surgery in India is no longer a nightmare, for India is now revered world over for some of the very skilled, ethical, internationally trained and highly experienced surgeons. India is the one of the sought after cosmetic surgery destination which provides some of the most cost-efficient cosmetic procedures that is performed by world class surgeons with state-of-the-art facilities.

    Highlights of Cosmetic Surgery in India

    • A dedicated team to offer support round the clock for handling all aspects of your travel pre and post-surgery arrangements
    • End to end arrangements with all Concierge services for the patient and family members
    • Personalized packages tailor made to the individual patient’s requirements
    • Cosmetic Surgery in India cost up to 70% less than Western Countries
    • Trusted and Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons
    • Happy Patients from more than 15 Countries
    • Confidentially Assured


    Hip Replacement Surgery in India

    BHip replacement surgery is also called as total hip arthroplasty. It is a surgical procedure to replace a worn out or damaged hip joint with an artificial joint or prosthesis.

    The aim of hip replacement surgery is to replace the damaged parts of the hip joint in order to relieve hip pain that can’t be controlled by other treatments. It is usually done when all other treatment options have failed to provide adequate relief from pain. The procedure relieves a painful hip joint, making daily activities like walking easier.

    Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India

    With advancing age, a colossal part of population worldwide gets affected by several problem related to the knee like knee pain, discomfort and instability owing to arthritis. This damage, inflammation and pain in your knee joints constraints your ability to move your knee within normal range of motion. Further deterioration and degeneration of the joint and adjacent tissue may pose difficulty in performing your activities of daily living like sitting cross legged, bending at your knees, lying down etc. In all such cases, Knee replacement surgery is the most sought after solution for individuals whose knee joints have significantly eroded owing to this degeneration.

    Knee replacement surgery is an effective and a very safe procedure which was first performed in 1968. This procedure intends to provide dramatic pain relief, correct leg deformity and aids in resuming daily routine activities. Since decades, there have been remarkable advancements in the surgical approach, techniques and materials used for the surgery in order to enhance the effectiveness and results. If you are considering the knee replacement surgery and have just started searching for the treatment options, then here are details which will help you understand more about the knee replacement surgery and shall help you make an informed decision.

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